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Fika is your ultimate guide for trending establishments and entertainment in Kenya (Other countries coming soon). Through our mobile app you will be able to view and/or share different experiences from different venues across the country. Fika allows Venues to display their unique selling points, and for customers to get a true sense of what they will experience. All content is user generated and therefore we encourage you to share the good times you have in different establishments. Let us promote the establishments we enjoy so much and allow them to receive the recognition they deserve. Please enjoy the App and let us all continue to improve each others life experiences.

Fika!!! Its a plan.


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Fika provides you with a free suite of tools to showcase your business and connect you to the Fika community.

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I can definitely say that I’d recommend Fika Places team Partners to anyone. The team is critical to us dissecting the consumer insights to be able to develop a new co-brand platform.

Steven Mclaren Development

Fika Places team is an excellent resource to tackle strategic brand issues. They have excellent client side experience, backing up the practical with professional understanding.

Michael Brown Marketing

I have been extremely impressed with Fika Places team. They quickly seized on the opportunities and issues in our business and come up with a solution.

Alexandra McDoe Analytics


Fika is your ultimate guide for trending establishments and entertainment in Kenya

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